Module Management System - MMS

Request & Document Management solutions for enterprise agendas

A modular web application designed to manage, record and approve various types of requests and document agendas with integration to the M365 environment.


  • A solution for those of you looking for a way to connect your local and cloud environments.
  • You require a solution with the advantage of integrating to an on-premises solution and at the same time use the services in the M365 environment.


  • MMS combines and effectively uses the advantages of its own web-based solutions (High Code) and the online environment of M365.
  • The MMS solution provides a flexible connection between the local and cloud worlds.

Areas of application

  • Recording and managing requirements based on defined processes.
  • Recording and managing document and contract agendas.
  • Managed documentation based on defined processes.


  • Building and facilities management - solutions for building management according to specific needs.
  • Change Requests - a solution for approving change requests in the production cycle, from specifying, processing, approving to checking on implementation and closing the request.
  • Contract Management - a solution that makes it easier for companies to deal with contract management and processing issues.
  • Supplier Approval - Supplier registration and approval with control mechanisms.
  • Managed Documentation - Creating, approving and managing document sets according to defined rules and procedures.

Composition & Functionality

  • Lists - records of requirements
  • Libraries - Document Sets
  • Main process (process states)
  • Workflow (tasks, history)
  • Forms
  • Attachments
  • Tagging
  • Notifications (mail, bell)
  • Application & Process Roles
  • Permission Management
  • Search (Full text)
  • Archive & Recycle Bin
  • Exports



  • The solution is equipped with a convenient process for approval or comments
  • Provides automatic or manual workflow triggering
  • Two run modes for task execution - parallel and serial
  • Options to combine multiple processes into one workflow
  • Options for aggregated or grouped tasks
  • Permission control based on assigned task and role
  • Task processing (Approval, Rejection, Confirmation)
  • Delegation of a task (Handover, Invitation)
  • Task reassignment
  • Cancel
  • History (chart, table)

Environment & Integration

Operation in On-Premise environment or in M365 as Provider-Hosted Addin on SharePoint.
Integrace M365
  • SharePoint > DMS služby
  • Teams > Vyřízení úkolu WF
  • Azure > Registrace řešení
  • Power Platform > Integrace


  • Users & Groups
  • Roles & Access
  • Navigation
  • Notifications (mail, doorbell)
  • Export & Import settings
  • Autocontrols


  • Modules - Lists and Libraries
    Columns - 11 types
    Views - description, order, limits, activities, conditions, columns, sorting
  • Workflow
    Types, paths, modes


Flexible interconnection of cloud and on-premises environments

  • Effectively leverages the benefits of both environments
  • A solution that allows you to leverage your established data warehouses and resources
  • Solution with efficient use of M365 services

  • Streamline your tools: Integration | Search | Reporting
  • Expand your work: Collaboration | Sharing | Publishing | Communication