Enterprise applications

Modern enterprise applications for managing various agendas, approving and recording your requests

Business agendas

Management and registration of corporate agendas where documentation is kept in document sets (attachments, mutations, etc.), with the possibility of running workflows (comments and approvals).

Management of the contractual agenda

An application that makes it easier for companies to deal with the management and processing of the contractual agenda.

Supplier approval

•Application designed for registration and approval of suppliers with control mechanisms and connection to national registers.

Controlled documentation

Create document sets in a simple way, governed by sets of rules and procedures.

Get an application to manage the processes of design, creation, approval, publication, registration and access to retirement. The application will offer you sets of expected and interesting functionalities that will make the work easier for both active participants in the process and ordinary users.  The modularity of the application allows you to adapt it to your requirements and possibilities.

Modern enterprise EM applications simplify your work when creating various agendas, or help you with filing and approval requirements, or offer quick relevant results when searching for specific information.

Presentation of selected solutions

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Applications for contract
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