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Migration, Upgrade, Conversion, Revitalization​

Synergy of On-Premise and On-Line environments​​

Design and development of business systems
Business forms and workflow

Automation and digitization of business processes

Development and deployment of intranet and extranet portals​​

EMRIS SharePoint Solution Pack

Solution with the advantage of strong integration to on-premises solutions
Solution that allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure
Solution for creating larger intranet applications

If you prefer to run your intranet in your own environment we have a range of smart modules for immediate deployment.

A software package that offers a broad set of extensions for the SharePoint platform.

It contains rich application units that significantly extend the features and functionality of SharePoint.Among the powerful application extensions is a workflow solution called WF BASe. WF BASe is a solution for the convenient execution and tracking of comment and approval processes. The solution provides permission management for users based on the assigned process role throughout the process. It automatically triggers approval workflows, for example, depending on the type of cases. Offers automatic reports for summaries and evaluations and much more

Examples of other components

EM Statistic - rozšířená funkce pro správu a přizpůsobení 
EM Fields (sada sloupců s rozšířenou funkčností) Classic 
EM WebPart a moderní EM Portlety